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During the past twenty years Lake Services, Inc. has focused becoming a leader in removing material from impoundments, lagoons, and tidal waterways. To do this all of the management and employees have concentrated on improving and enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and project quality within the customer dictated framework in all the projects that we do.

Dredging has been around for many years, and most people that have been tasked with managing a submerged material removal project have realized that the field is littered with pitfalls, and today's regulatory, and environmental concerns, often exacerbate these potential problems and risks.

To respond to the ever increasing demands in dredging projects, managers must balance quality, experience, and value in selecting alternatives in the complex question of how to get the job done. Since our inception we have recognized that these are the standards that we must strive to achieve. This and a strong customer relationship is what will make our customers satisfied.

In examining the companies persona we recognize that as a small business concern we can't be all things, rather we have focused on what we see as a need, and have tried to incrementally innovate, building on small successes, until today we look very much different than anyone else, or even ourselves if you could look back in time.

These changes have brought quality and value to our customers doorsteps, and our track record speaks for itself.

Our goals as a company have been two fold:
Satisfy the customer by completing commitments. Be the low cost producer in our field.

In the past we have come to realize that we often see our customers on a repeat basis. This strengthens our commitment to make our customers happy. We want people to invite us back again, and we believe that following these goals offers them and us the opportunity grow, and step into the future while we provide a valuable and coherent service integrated with our customers needs.